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Pelé King of Football

Loyalty campaigns and reducing churn

Pelé: King of Football is a flick-to-kick football/soccer game featuring streamlined gestural controls, 800+ scenarios and exclusive interviews with the legend himself. Follow in Pelé’s footsteps to work your way from the backstreets of Brazil all the way up to the grandeur of the World Stage. Or play Pelé Blitz to pit yourself against players around the world in an online competition that occurs every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Pele King of Football App


Cosi wanted to run a loyalty campaign centered around bringing users back into the game that have churned.


Leveraging their CRM tool and Lootsie, Cosi ran a loyalty campaign where users were given points for engaging in activities like opening the game, referring friends, competing in tournaments and visiting the Locker where they could make in app purchases. The reward catalog was tailored to their users, which included Pelé memorabilia and virtual rewards.


The loyalty campaign was successful in returning users to the game as Pelé saw 14% of churned users return. Additionally, the introduction of the loyalty program increased app opens, session time and user engagement throughout key events that were setup as rewardable moments.


While rewarding users for things they were already doing and driving users to experience new elements of the game, Cosi was able to reduce churn, improve the user experience and saw a real lift in user LTV.

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